Support for customers to use digitalization, technologies and new work in a value-creating way and to manage digital change processes:

  • Development of digital strategies
  • Development of digital communication and "GoTo-Market" strategies
  • Expansion of the product portfolio
  • Digital product development, agile product development
  • Support through innovation and change processes
  • Support you to be driver of the digital transformation process
  • Creating acceptance for new technologies
  • Identify, use and implement the new work potentials


Support for developing start-ups or corporate divisions as well as establishment, restructuring or reduction of divisions:

  • Design and implementation of new business units and models 
  • Development of company and team structures
  • Restructuring measures and turnaround activities
  • Identification and implementation of measures and programs in order to operate companies or business models economically successfully and ensure growth
  • Restructuring, consolidation and re-organization of grown digital structures / organizations or rebuilding of digital structures
  • Training and coaching during the change process


Development of new business models, optimization and innovation potentials like AI and find solutions to ensure future success:

  • Development of new business fields
  • Development of a content marketing strategy and distribution
  • Setting up a KPI-oriented performance measurement
  • Project and budget planning, service provider identification and control, stakeholder management, success measurement, development and establishment of operational concept
  • Business process optimization: digitalization / automation of business processes with the goals of cost reduction, revenue growth and / or improvement of the customer experience
  • Set-up of innovation catalysts and potentials (AI, data,...)


Time or project based management of the day-to-day operations, management of large projects or organizations at management level.